Workplace Wellness

Stress is now the third most prevalent lifestyle disease amongst employees in India (Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, 2012). The hectic pace of modern life & work can leave many people feeling depressed, anxious and unable to cope with routine challenges. To add to this problem, the misunderstanding and stigma surrounding mental health often leads people to suffer in silence, feeling like they have nowhere to turn.

Depression and anxiety have a direct and highly adverse impact on employee productivity, attendance and overall wellness. Studies conducted in India have shown that distressed workers incur 50% higher healthcare costs than normal. Whilst Indian employers lead their regional counterparts in developing strategies to manage work-related stress, only 38% identified improving the emotional/mental health of employees (i.e. lessening the stress and anxiety) as a top priority of their health and productivity programs (Tower Watson Report,2014). This signals a vast scope for improvement in strategic initiatives aimed at tackling stress among Indian employees.

At Circle of Life, our team of well-trained and experienced mental health professionals provide consultations and workshops exclusively tailored to the needs of your organization and employees.

Our programs draw from evidence based concepts of Positive Psychology, Resilience and Mindfulness and work towards building emotional wellness by providing people with stronger coping mechanisms, better stress management techniques and a secure and confidential environment to express themselves.


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