Teacher Development Program

On an average, a child spends almost one third of a day with her or his teacher. Teachers are instrumental in the development of children. The growing demands and challenges of the present day world are posing some thought provoking questions about the current education system. We are beginning to consider ways that can foster holistic development of children. Children learn and emulate what they see, and we cannot expect to raise an aware and mindful generation without empowering our teachers in these facets.

At Circle of Life, we understand and value the role that teachers play in the society and have come up with a comprehensive program which is grounded in solid research and draws from various psychological theories. The aim of the workshops is to train and empower teachers to become more self aware, learn to manage themselves and their emotions effectively, train them to be more empathetic and socially aware, and ultimately become facilitators in the process of learning. When time is a limitation, we also offer a shorter, day-long workshop.

We believe that the learning process should be a collaborative effort between the students and teachers. The workshops aim at helping teachers become excellent at their work, focus on student learning and not just disciplining, attain a sense of peace and wellbeing, and reduce teacher burnout.