School Psychology Service

Circle of Life, comprises of multidisciplinary team that works with students, parents and educators within schools’ to promote overall social-emotional functioning of children and adolescents.

A designated psychologist from our centre visits the school on a weekly basis. If required, a psychiatrist from our facility also visits the school to provide a comprehensive array of behavioural services, including consultation to leaders and school staff to promote systemic changes in behavioural health service delivery.

Role of the designated psychologist

  • Conducts Individual therapy/ Counseling sessions at school within confidentiality agreements
  • Assists with communication between home & school
  • Conducts classroom observation (s) on a need basis
  • Addresses unexpected student needs such as crisis
  • Provides consultation with parents / teachers/other professionals of the concerned student and works in partnership with them.
  • Identifies students having social emotional difficulties and guides parents about psychological assessment (s).
  • Supervision for the cases seen by our psychologist is provided at our center.
Circle of Life, Gurugram have conducted workshops for teachers, parents and students in the following schools:
  • Blue Bells
  • Heritage School
  • Manav Rachna International School
  • DPS School
  • HDFC School
  • Pumpkin House Preschool
  • Bella Mente Preschool
  • Shail Global School
The workshops were regarding the following areas:

1. Digitally Wise for Teachers
2. Understanding & Managing Child Sexual Abuse
3. Positive Discipline in the Classroom
4. Emotionally Intelligent Parenting
5. Positive Body Image
6. Bullying