“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”
― Nelson Mandela

The role of caregivers to our parents, an employee/employer, spouse, etc and along with the constant pressure of being the best parent and raising an ideal child often leaves an individual lost and exasperated. Our sessions will help you to fine tune & revitalise your parenting style. Our experts create a warm, safe and enabling environment for furthering your growth as a parent and help you in managing your various roles.

We offer the following services

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is an individualized intervention program for each family. Through Parent coaching we help you understand your parenting style, your child’s strengths and concerns, why your child struggles in some situations, important life skills and how to help your child blossom through safe and non judgmental dialogs. We help you celebrate your journey of parenthood, survive the difficult times and celebrate all the successes.

For families with children with neuro-developmental disorders like Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Learning Difficulties etc., the journey can be a little different. We help you understand your child’s profile – difficulties, assets and affinities. We help you understand skills that you can foster in your child, areas where they might struggle and how to handle those situations, as well as your own coping skills through the ups and downs.

Family Therapy

Family therapy focuses on the relationships between all members of a family with an emphasis on decreasing familial strife and increasing effective communication and interactions. Our therapist will work with you to assess and understand the dynamics of your family and assist you in implementing strategies tailored to addressing your particular needs and concerns.