Parenting Workshops

Circle of life collaborate with schools to support parent’s role in bringing up their children & strengthening their existing family bonds. We conduct empowering parenting workshop on key topics pertaining to challenges faced by parents. These informative & engaging workshops are not only to support parent community but also to aid in establishing a healthy home environment.

We recognise that when teachers & parents become allies, there is a marked improvement in the child’s academic, emotional and social success. When schools take the initiatives of supporting parents in providing them with learning & skill building opportunities, it benefits in strengthening the existing school & parent partnerships.

Our parenting workshops are for 90 to 120 minutes with group size ranging from 20 to 60. Through reflective thinking & experiential learning interventions in the workshops, parents will get equipped with best strategies and techniques to help them address demanding issues in a constructive way. These techniques will help the parents establish better connect and receive more cooperation from their children & adolescents. In turn, boosting resilience and confidence in them.