Approach and Philosophy

At Circle of Life, our aim is to promote positive development and emotional well-being of children and adolescents to empower families to provide a nurturing and a caring environment for them to grow and to mature. We believe in the strengths-based perspective while dealing with adults. Often the focus is on the problems or weaknesses a person may have, and rarely on the strengths that each individual possesses, and we aim to keep strengths as the area of focus.

Our approach is based on evidence-based positive psychology practices, humanistic psychology, and a deep & abiding belief that each child has an inherent ability to strive towards inner growth and maturity when provided with such an atmosphere.

These beliefs are lived out in therapy and professional guidance offered at Circle of Life.

Positive psychology is a relatively new branch of psychology that does not seem to fix what is wrong but rather seeks to improve the individual’s levels of contentment and quality of life. Research shows that the impact of Positive psychology interventions, such as, Mindfulness and EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is significant. Unlike the static IQ, EQ (Emotional Intelligence), can be taught, learned and improved. We focus on building inner resilience and enhancing emotional intelligence, through mindfulness exercises with children and adolescents. Mindfulness is being aware of what’s going on in the present moment. For children & teens, it helps focus attention, improve self-regulation (impulsivity and decision making,) develop resilience to stress and a positive mindset.

We offer a handful of programs delivered through group workshops and one-to-one sessions as well. Our programs are new but are reaching out to wider audiences, and we are seeing first hand what is helping people flourish.

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