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Events: Managing Exam Pressure using Mindfulness and study skills

Welcome to a world of well being. Welcome to Circle of Life.

There is no other person like you in this whole world. Just like you are, every child is born unique and grows up as a different individual. How we behave as adults depends a lot on how we grew up, our influences and our learning. Our growth which is social and emotional in nature, needs to be nurtured in ways that makes us a stronger person from within and a more complete human being.

We believe that often people feel that they have become engulfed with negativity and self-defeating patterns of behavior in one or more areas of their lives and are unable to find a solution and get in touch with their positive sides. To be able to shed this negativity, we at Circle of Life endeavor to promote and foster social and emotional growth, through the principles of positive psychology, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. To be able to achieve this, we provide services in the form of psychological testing, counselling and therapy to children, adolescents and adults.

Our therapists and counselors help you deal with difficulties related to school, work or relationships, or a combination of these issues. Our approach is based on scientific research, humanistic values and a belief that people have within themselves the ability to strive towards change, when offered an atmosphere to grow and accept who they are.

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