Delhi Government Happiness Curriculum

Welcome to a world of well being. Welcome to Circle of Life.

There is no other person like you in this whole world. Just like you are, every child is born unique and grows up as a different individual. How we perceive the world, interact with it, experience and manage emotions, and behave as adults depends a lot on how we grew up, our influences and our learning. There is now ample research that confirms that people can change, our brains continue to grow until much later in life that we had previously thought, and it is possible for us to continuously improve ourselves. There are certain aspects about our brains that are less amenable to change, such as our Intelligence Quotient (IQ), however there are other aspects such as Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that are possible to enhance.

Just like we can improve our physical health by exercising, eating a healthy diet, and getting regular sleep, we can improve our psychological health by consciously working on our skills in the areas of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and resilience. This has been proven to not just improve happiness, reduce stress, enhance physical well-being but also allow us to be more productive and successful at work, in academics and in relationships.

Our approach is based on scientific research, humanistic values and a belief that people have within themselves the ability to strive towards change, when offered an atmosphere to grow and accept who they are. If you belong to a educational institution and would like to know about how we can help you, please check out our work in schools; for workplaces, please see our workplace wellness program. If you are here thinking about how we can help you as an individual, please feel free to call us or book an appointment with one of our experts.