Everyone has a purpose, so do we.

To make a palpable difference to the quality of life itself. The way we do it is by assisting children, families and our communities in their learning, growth and development journeys.

With purpose, come values.

We have discovered that we don’t want values that are crafted by content writers to gloriously adorn our empty walls and somehow miss our soulful hearts.

As a team, we have spent valuable time in unraveling our deeply held beliefs that exert a bearing on our practice. We want values that are our very own… that speak to us, inspire us to be better versions of ourselves and are reflected in the way we conduct ourselves.

We don’t have our values, our values have us.


The Latin congruō meaning “I meet together, I agree”. We are not interested in pretending to be ‘super humans’. We are interested in embracing our own humanity and helping others do the same. This orientation helps us come together in harmony with our clients and support their journey. In our work, we make serious attempts to understand each individual’s real and ideal self and create congruence with others’ and ours incongruent selves.


We love learning, growth and development! It means investing ourselves in looking inwards, challenging our perspectives, questioning our experiences and arriving at the other side of this inquiry with a more integrated and inclusive sense of our work and us.


In our work, we look towards ‘evidence’ that can help us understand the issues we are addressing and design suitable interventions. We go beyond by also considering the compelling theories behind the evidence that clearly explain the dynamics of change that is being targeted. We are informed by research and theory from fields such as psychology, education, philosophy, arts and literature and sociology.


We are exclusive at what we do and what makes us exclusive is our ability to be inclusive. We want to include all communities that make up our social world through creating vibrant stimulating avenues for engagement. We actively seek out to include divergent perspectives, contemporary practices, thought-provoking approaches and fresh paradigms to our work. This is reflected in our one to one work with our clients and in our community workshops.