Circle of Life’s Mindfulness Workshop Testimonials (23rd June – 1st July)

“Aanya has been using the breathing & thinking exercise for past 3 days. I feel it has helped her to be calm & reflect on her actions” ~ Rati

“Lovely little cozy place, perfect for thinking, reflecting & connecting” ~ Sunita

“Was happy to be here. I am taking a lot from this workshop. Would like more of what has been taught till now. re-enforcement is going to make them practice it” ~ Swati

“It was wonderful to find something tailored especially for children. Look forward to more such workshop” ~ Naha

“Great concept, great facilitation & most importantly kids enjoyed it” ~ Shilpa

What teachers had to say after attending our one day workshop on Teacher’s Emotional Intelligence

"Workshop was absolutely enriching and hands on. Strategies discussed can aptly be used in classroom situation to bring out the effectiveness in teaching and learning"
~ Ms Sodhi (teacher)

"I have already attended numerous workshops and a few on this, but today I learnt how to implement those calmly at every point of time and learnt how these really leave an impact on children"
~ Ms Bose (teacher)

"Very different experience. I have attended many workshops but when others start over they have topics which only says about what they want to teach, but with Jinny, when it started she introduced herself and I felt something is New and Fresh"
~T. Khanna (teacher)

" The workshop was an enriching one. Helped us to work upon our self awareness. Gave insight into importance and need of identification of emotions and how to constructively vent it out"
~ Dr. A. Sharma (teacher)

What parents had to say after attending a short workshop on Teen parenting

"I liked the workshop. It gave me insight to use the techniques for my kids"
~ P. Bhatia (Parent)

"Really enjoyed the workshop, learnt a lot and now its time to implement it"
~ J. Sathyanarayan (Parent)

What school administrators had to say after a parenting workshop for pre-schoolers

"We have received requests from many parents to hold more such sessions with Circle of LIfe, and you team has been very gracious in offering to continue this journey of reaching out to as many people as we can and developing more parent resources."
~(School Principal)