Continuous Professional Development


Play Therapy Supervision

Individual or group supervision is available to interested mental health professionals. We offer clinical supervision of play therapists in a playful manner! Two different types of face-to face supervision are offered to guide professionals on how and when to use play therapy in helping children grow and deal with emotional challenges:

  • Individual- One Supervisee
  • Group- At least 3 but not more than 10 supervisees.

School Counseling Supervision

School counseling specific supervision results in school counselors’ increased effectiveness and accountability with improved job performance. However, this remains a neglected area despite empirical evidence that supervision leads to improved counseling skills, confidence and comfort in school counselors. We offer supervision to school counselors at our center once a month for about 90 minutes on an individual or group basis (3-6 supervisees with a designated supervisor) with focus on –

  • Case discussions – individual/ group counseling
  • Address issues of professional isolation, issues of client welfare, personal/professional development
  • Planning /evaluating school counseling services
  • Guidance on school counseling policy
  • Classroom teaching for guidance curriculum delivery
  • Maintain school counseling records
  • How to use essential services to address bullying, relocation, stress, divorce and other topics of concern.

After completion of one month, your performance will be reviewed and we can also design a more advanced program for the second month based on it. You shall receive a “Letter of Participation” (Work Experience) at the end of your internship.