Parenting With Emotional Intelligence Book Now

Parenting is a unique opportunity to develop one's emotional intelligence, and parenting with principles of EI help facilitate the social and emotional skills in children. Circle of Life recognizes the importance of Emotional Intelligence in every parent’s life. We together extend our support to the parents by planning regular workshops on Parenting with Emotional Intelligence. This is interactive workshop in which real life examples will be used to help parents recognize the range of emotions that they experience and how these can best expressed and managed. Come and learn how to incorporate these skills in your parenting and lead a wholesome life with your loved ones.

The learning objectives are:

  • ● To learn about the principles and framework of EI parenting
  • ● To review one's own parenting style (confidentially!)
  • ● To identify opportunities to implement EI parenting
  • ● To sustain the above by finding regular opportunities to practice these skills
  • ● To develop a closer child-parent bond that prevents difficulties from arising in the first place
Facilitator: Soumini Menon