Digitally Wise Book Now

There is a dilemma with technology!

On one hand technological developments such as smartphones and internet have revolutionized the way we live by allowing better access to goods, services and information readily available at our fingertips. Further, internet and tech literacy has become essential for professional success and development.

On the other hand, the explosion of gadgets and internet usage has led to a world where:

  • The actual impact of technology on the brain, especially that of growing children is not fully understood by many
  • The virtual selves that inhabit the virtual worlds and their personas create dissonance between one’s ‘true self’ and ‘virtual identity’.
  • The penetrance of internet in homes, bedrooms, classrooms and institutions has led to creation of newer problems such as cyberbullying (now bullying does not stop after school), inappropriate online relationships such as grooming and inability to manage personal boundaries, privacy and confidentiality.
  • Online security and privacy issues
  • Cyberbullying, stalking – personal boundaries and responsibilities towards others in the online world
  • Excessive internet/gadget useis common at the neglect of other pursuits

We have organized a workshop on ‘Being Digitally Wise individuals’. The workshop is to provides education, awareness, self reflections for identifying and assessing one’s relationship to technology, it’s impact on oneself and those around us, and on how to best manage it. The workshop is rooted in the principles of Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness (it’s five components being – self awareness, self management, awareness of others, interpersonal relationships and responsible decision making).

It’s intended learning outcomes are:

  • To become aware of the impact of internet and gadgets on individuals, families and organizations.
  • To increase one’s knowledge of the common problems faced by children, families and institutions and their impact on child development.
  • To understand the complex nature of these problems and the interplay between psychological factors and technology use.
  • To develop a better understanding on how to minimize the adverse impact of technology.
  • To inculcate interpersonal and digital practices that prevent problems from arising in the first place.

We invite you to come and learn with us how you can mindfully become aware of the effects of the social media & ‪‎technology‬ on your ‪emotions, feelings, relationships‬‬ and other areas of your life in our community circles.

Circle of Life’s community circle is not like any other regular ‪‎workshop‬. Our experts will boost your learning through powerful ‪‎conversations‬ that are ‪self - reflective‬ & ‪‎empowering‬ in nature.

Duration is 3 hours.

Facilitator: Poornima Mahindru