Feel Heard Through Music


Has it ever crossed your mind that music, in some way or the other, is something all of us naturally connect to?

How many of these can you relate to?

• Listening to an old, familiar song evokes memories within you that may      have been forgotten along the way.

• When you’re feeling a certain way (sad, happy, etc), listening to music that echoes that feeling is something that makes you feel heard and understood.

• You involuntarily find yourself tapping or humming to the beats and melody of a song.

• Sometimes all you need to make you feel calm and at peace is one of your favorite musical tracks.


I’m sure most of you have experienced these things!
Music has the powerful functions of being expressive, communicative and interactive in nature (Achenbach, 2016).

Have you ever felt the need to express yourself in a way that does not require ‘talking’? Ever thought of resorting to music to help you deal with things you may be grappling with?

Finding it difficult to pay attention?
Are you being unable to communicate effectively in social situations?
Finding it difficult to manage certain emotions?
Are you losing your self-confidence?
Well…Welcome to the world of Music Therapy!

Music Therapy is an upcoming form of psychotherapy, particularly helpful to those who may be struggling to express themselves in words. It is the “use of organized sound and music within an evolving relationship between a client and therapist to support and encourage physical, mental, social and emotional well-being” (Bunt, 1994).

The therapeutic application of using music in a safe and confidential environment with someone who is willing to give you the undivided attention and support , could be exactly what you need, to deal with, accept, or come to terms with certain things that may be going on.

If you’re being unable to express yourself and having trouble feeling heard, Circle of Life offers you the helping hand that you may be looking for!